Picture of a man in front of a waterfall. The waterfall represents the vision of Wellsprings to show Gods love flowing out through the community locally but also through our mission partners

We support a range of mission partners in the UK and beyond, financially from our offerings, and
with prayer and encouragement.
Internationally, we support:

Internationally, we support:

The Leprosy Mission

“The Leprosy Mission is an international Christian charity with 141 years of experience. Through The Leprosy Mission’s global family we serve a population of 305 million people in around 30 leprosy-affected countries.” www.leprosymission.org.uk

Wellsprings gifts are focussed on Purulia Hospital in West Bengal.

Chris and Fiona Lloyd (France Mission)

France Mission (now known as “Perspectives” in France) aims to promote the Christian faith in France through church planting, supporting church growth and developing new leaders. Chris and Fiona have worked with France Mission in church planting since 1994, and have been working to establish a church in Auray in Brittany since 2014. https://www.eglises-perspectives.org/

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe have a vision for everyone to hear God speak to them as they engage with the Bible in their own language, but 1.5billion people are still waiting for a Bible in the language that speaks to them best. Wellsprings supports a translation project in Ambon in Indonesia. www.wycliffe.org.uk

Open Doors UK

Open Doors is a non-denominational mission supporting persecuted Christians in over 70 countries where Christianity is socially or legally discouraged or oppressed. They work with local partners to distribute Bibles and Christian literature, give discipleship training and provide practical support, such as emergency relief aid. www.opendoorsuk.org

European Christian Mission International

ECMI’s mission is “to equip, connect and multiply followers of Jesus through discipleship and church planting across Europe.” www.ecmi.org

Locally, we support:

Taunton Street Pastors and School Pastors

Street Pastors is an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue.



Taunton Youth for Christ

Taunton YFC aims to share the gospel relevantly with young people and equip young people to share
the gospel relevantly with young people, and to empower discipled young people to be equipped for
the “frontline”. www.tauntonyfc.com

Taunton Team Chaplaincy (including Rail Responders)

The aim of the Taunton Team Chaplaincy is to advance the Christian faith in the town by providing care, witness and prayer in a wide range of community and workplace locations.


Sam Burton (Working with local young people)

Sam founded a young adult community based charity out of Taunton called Awaken in 2018. This connects young adults from rural churches and community through worship, coffee and socials. He is also a trustee of Taunton Youth for Christ and a school pastor.