The leadership team are committed to getting to know and serving the people in our local Wellsprings community, in Taunton and are always seeking to find new and relevant ways of doing this.

“Jesus said, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and love your neighbour as yourself.’” (The Bible, Luke chapter 10 verse 27)

Phil Bedford (Chair)

A Picture of Phil Bedford, chair of the Leadership Team

Philip grew up in North Devon on a family farm where he developed a love for the countryside and natural history. Born in 1955 into a Christian family he attended the local Brethren Gospel Hall and committed his life to Christ at the age of 11 under the ministry of Donald Niven of the Caravan Mission to Village Children, and was baptized (water) a couple of years later. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Philip moved to Taunton in 1981 to join an accountancy practice (Lentells) where he was a partner/director from 1984 up to 2016. Philip quickly settled into the fellowship at Wellsprings and became involved in teaching in the Sunday School, chairing the ‘Deacons’ and serving for many years on the oversight as an elder. He was subsequently involved in the leadership review process where he was invited to chair that group and then took on responsibility for chairing the new Leadership Team. Philip is also involved in the preaching/teaching programme at Wellsprings. Philip met his wife Jackie at Wellsprings; they married in 1985 and have two grown-up children – Kathryn and Andrew. Over the years Philip has served as a trustee with various charities and is currently a trustee with Taunton Area Debt Advice and The Francis Spiller Lock Trust on the Blackdowns Philip enjoys watching films, gardening and trying to control a burgeoning collection of cacti and succulent plants, some of which he displays at the annual Taunton Flower Show on behalf of the Somerset Branch of the British Cactus & Succulent Society, which he chairs.

Andrew Heath-Coleman (Support)

A Picture of Andrew Heath-Coleman, member of the Leadership Team

Andrew was born in 1953 and raised in Yeovil. He accepted his parents’ Christian faith but began to question it in his early teens; nevertheless, his childhood faith proved genuine, although he cannot claim a datable conversion experience. In retrospect, he believes that weekly attendance at communion services, where he heard over and over the story of God’s intervention in human history for salvation, was what sealed his faith. In 1969, he started his 48-year career as a marine cartographer at the UK Hydrographic Office in Taunton. He married Frances in 1977 and together they raised three children (Aurelie, Lyndon and Dominic). They settled at Wellsprings in 1986, after involvement in a church plant at Blagdon Hill. Andrew was soon called to the ‘Deacons’ and quickly became the Chairman of this group, which he continues to lead as the renamed Support Team. He joined the Leadership Team in 2010 and also serves on the Pastoral Care Team and as a Home Group leader. Other ministries have included involvement in Somerset Christian Camps as a founder member in about 1990, as sports leader, ‘commie’ and latterly in the kitchen. Together with Frances, they have been foster carers for many children. He has also worked as a school governor, a youth leader at Blagdon Hill and is currently a Street Pastor and secretary of Somerset ‘Counties’ Link Group.
Now retired, Andrew has a little more time to spend tending a large garden, watching cricket, walking and being a grandparent.

Paul Lambert (Children and Youth)

A Picture of Paul Lambert, member of the leadership team

Paul was born in South East Manchester in 1969, and grew up in a village on the edge of the Peak District. He studied medicine at the University of Oxford, and now works as a Consultant Endocrinologist (hormonal disorders, including diabetes) at Musgrove Park Hospital. He has lived in Taunton since 1995, and is married to Becky. They have four children: Jonathan, Sarah, Megan and Rachel. Most of his interests are sporting; he tries to stay fit by running and playing football. When he was growing up Paul attended Sunday school at the local Anglican church but didn’t come to faith until he went to university. There, he had a number of friends who were already Christians and they introduced him to a rich, vibrant faith in a living Saviour that he had never known before. Paul and Becky were drawn to Wellsprings on almost the first Sunday they were in Taunton in 1995, and have been part of what he calls ‘this wonderful family’ ever since. Paul has been involved with youth work, mainly with teenagers, since very early on in his time at Wellsprings. He has handed over quite a lot of this work in recent years, but continues, with Laurent, to lead the Children and Young Person’s Ministry Team.

Laurent Boon (Children and Youth)

A picture of Laurent Boon, member of the leadership team

Laurent was born in 1973 and grew up in St Albans, Hertfordshire.  His dad took him to church but during his early teens he became very unsure about what he believed but began to feel that Jesus was saying something important and true.  In his third year at Durham University, where he studied applied physics and computer science, he lived next to a Christian in the halls of residence.  Laurent began to go to a local church and the Christian Union and through his friend, and others that he met, his faith was renewed and he began to build a relationship with God.

After university Laurent got a job with BT (he is currently a programme manager for security) and moved to Ipswich where he joined a small but spiritually alive church, which opened his eyes to new aspects of his relationship with God and the church.  After moving to Taunton in 2009 with Jo and Erin (now also Harris and Verity) they began the search for a new church but only ever went to one, Wellsprings, where they were welcomed and found their home.

In Ipswich Laurent and Jo led an 18-30s House Group for several years.  At Wellsprings, with Mark and Becca Wood, he leads a group for the older teenagers and with Paul Lambert and Becca, he leads the Children and Young Person’s Ministry Team.

Laurent’s other interests are almost anything active and outdoors as well as gadgets and technology.  He loves hill walking and wild camping, the more remote the better and regularly swims, cycles and runs.

Becca Wood (Children and Youth)

A Picture of Becca Wood member of the leadership team

Becca was born in 1982 and grew up in Worthing, West Sussex where she went to church with her mum and sister from the age of 7. Although she can’t remember a time when she didn’t believe in God there have definitely been some key moments during her journey of faith. She made a commitment to follow Jesus at the age of 12 at a children’s camp in Felixstowe, and was later blessed to be part of a vibrant youth group through her teenage years, with close Christian friends.
During a ‘Gap’ year after her A-levels, she spent 6 weeks in Kasarani, just outside Nairobi, on a building project and leading children’s work in a local slum as part of a Tearfund team. Becca says:
“It was an amazing six weeks of drawing near to God and being able to serve Him very practically. When I returned I started at the University of Bath, studying Sports Science. I was a member of the Christian Union there and led a small group.  I also had a great group of friends who weren’t Christians, which was challenging at times, but God was faithful and they remain great friends today. I met Mark (my husband) there and we have been happily married (mostly!) for ten years. We are now parents to Chloe and Eva. Chloe was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Condition in 2015, which is not without its challenges but we also consider it a privilege that she has been entrusted to us to parent.”
After starting married life living in Bath we moved to Taunton at the start of 2013 where we decided to make Wellsprings our church.  Mark grew up at Wellsprings and we had friends and family already here. We were also excited about the community outreach work happening and I was particularly drawn to the welcoming family feel at Wellsprings”.  
Becca currently teaches PE part-time at Ansford Academy in Castle Cary, which she loves.  She also enjoys most forms of sport and exercise, particularly playing netball and basketball.

Tiff (Outreach)

A Picture of Tiff, member of the leadership team and full time community worker

Tiff was born and raised in a former mining village on the edge of Leeds, and went to a Methodist Church there with his parents. He made a decision to become a Christian aged 13 during a Mission Week at his school run by a Christian band. At 20 he joined Youth For Christ and then spent 18 years as a full-time Youth and Schools Worker, setting up and leading projects in Bristol, Exmouth and Plymouth, and teaching and training other
youth workers from all over the South West. He married Suzy in 2000 and now has two school-age children, Harry and Rosie. Tiff began working as the Church Community Worker at Wellsprings in 2008, a role which includes Bible teaching and leading the Outreach Ministry Team, helping the church to connect with the local community. He also works for Moorlands Bible College, lecturing the “Old Testament” and “Biblical Theology” units of their theology degree course.
In his spare time, he enjoys reading, watching (but, sadly, no longer playing) all sports, and juggling with carving knives!