Mission Support

In addition to our work directly through the Chapel, we support other individuals and organisations taking the love of Christ to those in need in Taunton, in the UK and abroad. We aim to support mission work which reflects the breadth and depth of God’s work, from very local to far across the globe. Please click on the website links to find out more.



“We’re following Jesus where the need is greatest, working through local churches to unlock people’s potential and helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves. When disasters strike, we respond quickly. We won’t stop until poverty stops.” www.tearfund.org

The Leprosy Mission

“The Leprosy Mission is an international Christian charity with 141 years of experience. Through The Leprosy Mission’s global family we serve a population of 305 million people in around 30 leprosy-affected countries.” www.leprosymission.org.uk

Chris and Fiona Lloyd (France Mission)

France Mission (now known as “Perspectives” in France) aims to promote the Christian faith in France through church planting, supporting church growth and developing new leaders. Chris and Fiona have worked with France Mission in church planting since 1994, and have been working to establish a church in Auray in Brittany since 2014. www.france-mission.com/fmtrust

 World Vision

The young children of our church are linked via a World Vision sponsorship with Sebastiana Pacheco Jachacollo, a young girl from Mosoj Punchay in Bolivia. Bolivia is the poorest country in Latin America and its leaders face issues with deep-seated poverty, illegal drug production and social unrest. About 60% of Bolivians live below the poverty line. www.worldvision.org.uk

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe have a vision for everyone to hear God speak to them as they engage with the Bible in their own language, but 1.5billion people are still waiting for a Bible in the language that speaks to them best. Wellsprings supports a translation project in Ambon in Indonesia. www.wycliffe.org.uk

Open Doors UK

Open Doors is a non-denominational mission supporting persecuted Christians in over 70 countries where Christianity is socially or legally discouraged or oppressed. They work with local partners to distribute Bibles and Christian literature, give discipleship training and provide practical support, such as emergency relief aid. www.opendoorsuk.org




The London City Mission

London City Mission is a gospel organisation. focused on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those who are in the hardest to reach communities of this city, partnering and collaborating with God’s church in London. www.lcm.org.uk

Mike and Su Strange (Counties)

Mike and Su are Evangelists with Counties. The focus of their work is in schools. Mike is Chair of the Somerset Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) which writes the local RE syllabus, and he trains teachers to deliver the subject in the local School-Centred Initial Teacher Training  (SCITT) as well as in schools across the County. He also leads school assemblies in 25 local schools. Mike is involved in the training programme for new Counties Evangelists and has regular preaching and teaching commitments in a number of local Churches. He has written a book called “Fire-Eating Faith”.  www.countiesuk.org

Street Pastors (Taunton)

Street Pastors is an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue. The Taunton team was set up in 2008 with support from local churches, in partnership with Police, Council and other agencies. Street pastors regularly patrol in the town centre on Saturday nights between 10.pm – 4.00am and also operate a ‘Safe Space’ in the town. Both are supported by prayer pastors. Several members of Wellsprings Chapel are Street Pastors. www.streetpastors.org/locations/taunton

The Open Door (Taunton)

This is a Taunton Charity for people who are homeless, most of whom are rough sleepers. For 17 Years it has been providing emergency support to 300 vulnerable adults a year, roughly 25 a day, with one new person each day. In the mornings the day Centre provides guests with hot meals, shower facilities, a laundry service, and essential clothes and supplies. Increasingly, the emphasis on into the afternoons is providing one to one advice and guidance via a dedicated advisor to help guests move on with their lives.  www.tauntonopendoor.org.uk

Gideons (Taunton Branch)

“Each year we distribute more than 800,000 Scriptures in the UK and about 90 million copies worldwide. We’ve presented around 2 billion Scriptures in more than 200 nations since we started out and are as passionate as ever about sharing God’s message of hope and salvation. Our prayer is that all those who seek God will find Him.”  www.gideons.org.uk

Taunton Youth for Christ

Taunton YFC aims to share the gospel relevantly with young people and equip young people to share the gospel relevantly with young people, and to empower discipled young people to be equipped for the “frontline”. www.tauntonyfc.com